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Simple features, that we all know and love. Made to keep you moving. We believe in a fair and honest ride and that's exactly what we're delivering.

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Keeping you safe
with Cab My Ride

We build our services around the safety of our riders
we go out of our way to ensure you're alwats safe and sound
wherever your're going. Check out your Driver Profile in the app,
and help impove the experience by rating your rides, keeping our community safe and sound.

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Comments from our wonderful customers

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    On time, nice driver and cheaper than uber!! Register debit card via the app, so no need for money!


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    Perfect service. The driver was so genuine and kind to us and got us home safely!


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    Would use this company again!! £11 to town when it normally costs £20!


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    I would like to thank all your drivers who safely bringing us to a nightclub and for a safe return home.You are the best taxi!!


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    Great service, better rates, passionate drivers and most of all very friendly! I highly recommend and with the ease of the app as well, I'll be using this service all the time!


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    A much better and quicker reliable taxi service than an uber! Driver was polite and extremely good with prices! Cheapest in Southampton by far! Highly recommend!!